Colorado needs a fair tax code.

One that will:

Give a tax cut to 95% of Coloradans

All Coloradans earning less than $250,000 a year will pay a lower income tax rate.

Guarantee funding for schools & teachers

Half of the $2 billion raised by creating a fair tax code will go toward increasing pay for our teachers & student support staff.

Ensure every Coloradan pays their fair share

It's unfair Colorado's middle class pays a larger share of their income in taxes than the top 5%. Asking the wealthiest Coloradans to pay a little more can make our tax code fair.

Learn more about Fair Tax Colorado

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Celebrate Fair Tax Day on June 13th!

On Saturday, June 13th, FTC volunteers across the state will celebrate Fair Tax Day by setting up pop-up signing stations. Spread the word and help Initiative #271 make November's ballot. 

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